The Unionbank of the Philippines will support cryptocurrency exchange via the mobile app – Finance Bitcoin News

Union Bank of the Philippines, commonly known as Unionbank, has announced the imminent launch of another cryptographic service for its clients. The financial institution will offer select users of its mobile app the ability to trade bitcoins and other digital currencies without a separate wallet. Unionbank will add in-app cryptocurrency exchange functionality, a first in … Read more

Netflix’s ‘The Carter’ Makes ‘The Gray Man’ Look Like Child’s Play

Son Ik-chung/Netflix exist thousands and thousands of action movies and yet virtually none offer the pure gonzo pandemonium of the carter, a film of such showmanship that, with each successive scene, it feels like it’s actively shaming its genre brethren. Former South Korean director Jung Byung-gil the villainess it was his own masterpiece of brutality, … Read more

Sofia Carson Defends Her Netflix Movie ‘Purple Hearts’ Amid Backlash

By Staff. 5 hours ago Sofia Carson opens up about the backlash facing her popular new Netflix movie, “Purple Hearts.” The film follows Cassie (Carson), a liberal singer-songwriter who marries a conservative Marine, Luke (played by Nicholas Galitzine), so she can get health insurance and pay for the insulin she needs to treat her … Read more